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Consultation 1hr


Treatment Plan

Periodontal Health

Scaling + Root Planing

Non-Invasive Treatment

Periodontal disease attacks tissues supporting the teeth. 





During your initial consultation, Dr Kiurtsidis will talk to you about your concerns, examine your oral health, explain his findings and, based on your preferences, recommend a comprehensive treatment plan towards your healthy function and smile. You do not need a referral to see Dr Kiurtsidis for a consultation. 

Request a Consultation


Bad Breath or Bad Taste
Red, Swollen, Tender

or Bleeding Gums
Receding Gums
Absces or Pus Exudate
Spaces Between Teeth
Loose Teeth, Change in Bite


Bacteria, Plaque, Tartar

Genetics, Lifestyle, Smoking

Diabetes, Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy, Ortho Treatment

Medications, Dry Mouth

Systemic Diseases

Stress, Clenching, Grinding

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